Scientific Papers

In this section you will find the list of scientific papers related to the SSICLOPS project :

  • Michio Honda, Lars Eggert, Douglas Santry – PASTE: Network Stacks must Integrate with NVMM Abstractions, HotNets 2016
  • Lukas Pirl, Lena Feinbube, Andreas Polze – Structuring Software Fault Injection Tools for Programmatic Evaluation, Service Computation 2017
  • Alexandru Agache, Mihai Ionescu, Costin Raiciu – CloudTalk: Enabling Distributed Application Optimisations in Public Clouds, EuroSys ’17
  •  W. Burakowski, A. Beben, H. van den Berg, J.W. Bosman, G. Hasslinger, A. Kertesz, S. Latre, R.D. van der Mei, T. Panzner, P.G. Poullie, M. Sosnowski, B. Spinnewyn, B. Stiller – Traffic Management for Cloud Federation, Book Chapter in EU COST-ACROSS Action Springer LNCS
  •  Ricky Mok, Vaibhav Bajpai, Amogh Dhamdhere, KC Claffy – Revealing the Load Balancing Behavior of YouTube Traffic on Interdomain Links, PAM 2018
  •   Michio Honda, Giuseppe Lettieri, Lars Eggert, Douglas Santry – PASTE: A Network Programming Interface for Non-Volatile Main Memory, USENIX NSDI 2018
  • Jens Hiller, Mael Kimmerlin, Max Plauth, Seppo Heikkila, Stefan Klauck, Ville Lindfors, Felix Eberhardt, Dariusz Bursztynowski, Jesus Llorente Santos, Oliver Hohlfeld, Klaus Wehrle – Giving Customers Control over Their Data: Integrating a Policy Language into the Cloud, IC2E 2018
  • Maël Kimmerlin, Jesus Llorente Santos – Performance Evaluation of Linux Virtual Networking: the case of OpenStack, IC2E 2018
  • Mael Kimmerlin, Max Plauth, Seppo heikkila, Tapio Niemi, Pasi Sarolahti – A Practical Evaluation of a Network Expansion Mechanism in an OpenStack Cloud Federation – IEEE CloudNet 2017
  • Yutaro Hayakawa, Lars Eggert, Michio Honda, Douglas Santry -Prism: A Proxy Architecture for Datacenter Networks – ACM SOCC
  • G. Lettieri, V. Maffione, L. Rizzo – A survey of fast packet I/O technologies for Network Function Virtualization – VHPC’17
  • Mael Kimmerlin, Peer Hasselmeyer, Andreas Ripke – Multipath Cloud Federation – IEEE CloudNet 2017
  • Martin Henze, Mary Peyton Sanford, Oliver Hohlfeld – Understanding the Impact of Cloud Computing on E-Mail Users – TMA Conference 2017
  • Maël Kimmerlin, Peer Hasselmeyer, Max Plauth, Seppo Heikkilä, Pawel Parol and Pasi Sarolahti – Network expansion in cloud federation – EUCNC 2017
  • Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Jan Pennekamp, David Hellmanns, Felix Schwinger, Ike Kunze, Martin Henze, Jens Hiller, Roman Matzutt and Klaus Wehrle – BLOOM: BLoom filter based Oblivious Outsourced Matchings – BMC Medical Genomics (Journal; Special Issue)
  • Jiri Matousek, Gianni Antichi, Adam Lucansky, Jan Korenek and Andrew W. Moore – ClassBench-ng: recasting ClassBench after a decade of network evolution – ANCS 2017
  • Jong Hun Han, Neelakandan Manihatty-Bojan and Andrew W. Moore – Exploration of FPGA-Based Packet Switches for Rack-Scale Computers on a Board – IEEE FCCM 2017 (poster)
  • Diana Andreea Popescu, Gianni Antichi and Andrew W. Moore – Enabling Fast Hierarchical Heavy Hitter Detection using Programmable Data Planes – ACM SOSR 2017 (Poster session)
  • Han Wang, Robert Soulé, Huynh Tu Dang, Ki Suh Lee, Vishal Shrivastav, Nate Foster and Hakim Weatherspoon – P4FPGA: A Rapid Prototyping Framework for P4 – ACM SOSR 2017
  • Huynh Tu Dang, Han Wang, Theo Jepsen, Gordon Brebner, Changhoon Kim, Jennifer Rexford, Robert Soulé and Hakim Weatherspoon – Whippersnapper: A P4 Language Benchmark Suite –  ACM SOSR 2017
  • Paul Emmerich, Sebastian Gallenmuller, Gianni Antichi, Andrew W. Moore and Georg Carle – Mind the Gap: A Comparison of Software Packet Generators – ANCS 2017
  • Wieland Hagen, Max Plauth, Felix Eberhardt, Frank Feinbube and Andreas Polze – PGASUS: A Framework for C++ Application Development on NUMA Architectures – CSA Workshop of CANDAR
  • Emil Kowalczyk, Janusz Pieczerak, Marc-Antoine Lacoste, Olivier LeGrand, Jamil Chawki – Proposal of use case relevant to governance aspect of trusted inter-cloud computing – ITU-T SG13 Rapporteur Group Meeting
  • Gerhard Hasslinger, Konstantinos Ntougias, Frank Hasslinger, Oliver Hohlfeld – Performance Evaluation for New Web Caching Strategies Combining
    LRU with Score Based Object Selection – ITC
  • Max Plauth, Felix Eberhardt, Frank Feinbube and Andreas Polze – A survey of security-aware approaches for cloud-based storage and processing technologies (link coming soon) – HPI Cloud Symposium “Operating the Cloud”

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