• Max Plauth, Keynote Talk – Scalable and Secure Infrastructures for Cloud Operations – SSICLOPS, OpenStack DACH Day 2016
  • Guiseppe Leiteri, Invited Talk at IRISA/Technicolor in Rennes, France on 1st February, 2017 – PSPAT: software packet scheduling at hardware speed
  • Peer Hasselmeyer, Invited Speaker – Realizing Stateful Flow Processing with Forwarding Tables and In-Switch-Generated Messages, NEAF-IO 17 Workshop
  • Oliver Hohlfeld, Keynote Speaker – Quality of Experience Demystified, SIGCOMM 2017  (Internet-QoE 2017)
  • Peer Hasselmeyer, Invited Talk – Cloud Federation, Gridka School
  • Gerhard Hasslinger, Invited Talk – Caching for Content Delivery and Cloud Services: Use Cases, Caching Strategies and Performance Evaluation, MMBnet 2017
  • Michio Honda , Guiseppe Leitteri, Invited Talk – Extending Linux Network Stack for Persistent Memory, NetDev 2.2 Conference

About the Project

Description of the main objectives and impacts of SSICLOPS.


You can check the scientific dissemination related to the project.